Sometimes we hoard what we have worked for even when it is no longer helping us. Hoarding old items such as clothes, fridges, and other kitchen appliances limit storage space in our houses. Clearabee is a company based here in the UK that offers services in rubbish clearance. The company does this by collecting rubbish using a van. They make their work more comfortable by providing skip bags.

The company has made a name in rubbish collection. It collects rubbish from almost everywhere at any time. They have vast experience in clearing garden and building waste, white goods and bulky furniture. Their reputable employees are fully trained in house workers who will help get rid of junk in your house.

The process of waste collection is easy and fantastic. You only have to place your waste in a skip bag and wait for the men with a van. Previously rubbish removal London ended in landfills. Disposing waste in quarries poses risks to both humans and animals. The organization innovators brainstormed and came up with an environment-friendly strategy. It recycles close to 90% of the rubbish.

How It Started

Since its inception in 2013, the company has been advocating for environmentally friendly waste disposal. Recently the company was named among the companies experiencing tremendous growth. The founder, Daniel Long was delighted to see people embracing alternative rubbish removal London.

Their success can be traced to applying sound and modern business practices. Their efforts are geared towards ensuring excess rubbish is collected quickly, conveniently and in an environmentally conscious manner.

Going Green

The company ensures its activities are green as possible. One way of going green is reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Their officers run on renewable energy which is generated from recycled waste. Additionally, the company tries to optimize distance through its bespoke AI-powered routing system. Their drivers are guided by a real-time driver monitoring behaviour to encourage them to drive carefully.


The company is involved in environmental conservation initiatives. It has established a reputable carbon project known as Nether Kidston woodland. It is a woodland forest with native broadleaved trees. The forest sits in a 10-acre site. The project is expected to offset over 2000 tons of carbon. Besides offsetting carbon, the project provides other benefits to the neighbouring community. It can help in mitigating floods and enabling people to interact with nature.

Cleerabee Services

The services are straight forward and cost-effective. Waste is stored in a skip bag which comes in four sizes. There are small skip bags, medium, large and extra-large. Customers order bags that will fit their waste. If you have a busy schedule, this is the right company for you. You can leave your garbage outside and be guaranteed that the rubbish will be collected on time. You can book for their services online. A man and a van will collect your waste at the agreed time and dispose it for you.

What Makes Them Unique?

Their main aim is to provide services that exceed customer expectation. When using their services, you will enjoy being served by professionals who value their work. Saving time is what they believe in. After calling them, they will take the shortest time possible to respond and collect your rubbish. For regular customers, the company allows them to retain a skip for future use. This is one of the preferred Rubbish removal London services.

When you are ready for rubbish removal London, place your waste in a beebag and book for their services online. You don’t have to carry a colossal beebag to the roadside. The company’s staff will collect the waste at your doorstep. Getting rid of old items in your house will help you create more space.