Every parent is worried for their kid’s exposure to the online world. But luckily there are some great tools available that allow parents to keep track of their kid’s online activities. These applications are known as parental control apps and they allow parents to set controls and monitor the activities of their kid online. Parental Control apps have been a blessing for all parents but especially for the single and working parents who don’t have enough time to give all their attention to their kids.

There are some great parental control apps and KidSecured is one of them. It is one of the best applications that we have tried and it has kept many parents satisfied since its launch. The thing about KidSecured is that it offers you so much more than an average parental control application which is why many parents find it appealing.

There are a number of features that you get to use with KidSecured. So let us look at some of them in detail so that you can know exactly the benefits that you will be getting from using this amazing parental control smart application for monitoring your kids’ activities.


This feature allows you to create a digital fence around the neighborhood so you know where you child travels throughout the day. Every time he breaches that fence, you will get an alert so you know where you kid is and how long he stays at a particular location.

GPS Location

GPS tracking is one of the best features of KidSecured. You can easily track the exact location of your kid no matter where he or she goes.

Monitor calls

You can also monitor the people that he contacts and the people who contact him. You can check call logs, history and even block individual callers.

There are couple of other features as well that you can get so visit their website and check out the features that you can avail. Also visit the https://www.kidsecured.com/private-policy.html page to know about their private policies before using the application.