Selling eBooks Online and Eliminating the Monthly Expenses

Selling eBooks on-line does not need to be as discouraging because it appears. Yes, you too, the non-technical supplier can sell your very own eBook merchandise on-line with out the help of any outside groups. You do not need to pay month-to-month prices to have your downloadable ebooks bought for you. You can begin selling ebooks right from your very own server free ebooks.

Let me give you a top level view of ways the enterprise of promoting eBooks on line works.

You see, while customers buy an eBook on-line, they need it ASAP, like, proper now! And the most effective way most businesses that sell ebooks address that is to pay an external online corporation to assist them offer the on the spot shipping of the downloadable product. The corporation that they lease for this process will create a method wherein the eBook product being offered is routinely made available for the consumer, upon payment.

But here’s wherein the problem lies.

The Deception

These on-line agencies understand the vulnerability concerned in the promoting of eBook downloads. They understand the general public are not programmers and therefore will take benefit of that weak point by way of instituting ridiculous price plans which might be woefully needless. They are completely conscious which you lack in knowledge as to the workings of the again-stop process of internet programming, and as a end result are at the mercy of their whims. Therefore, they will charge you an arm and a leg for some thing they should not be charging you for.

Instead of having you pay simply one flat and very last rate for selling your eBooks, they’ll tantalize you with colourful reasons as to why you have to keep to pay them month-to-month for it. Other agencies are even bold enough to take a percentage of every eBook sale which you make the use of their service, similarly to the monthly bills they price. Since you don’t know any higher, you consider those bills or deductions the “price of doing business” whilst in truth, it is not. It is the value of being uninformed.

The Goal and The Reality

Now, I don’t know about you, however the majority I understand, when they go online to begin selling eBooks, they need to make as a whole lot cash as feasible. And if you are like those different suckers who are clearly dishing out cash on a monthly foundation for those ripoff websites to promote your eBook products for you, allow this be an eye-beginning warning:

You Don’t Have to Do That! It is a Complete Waste of Money!

Yes, I recognise that some of you opt for others to promote your eBook merchandise for you because you’ve got clearly no programming abilties or know-how and you pick someone else to do the work for you. I remember that. But, you still are being ripped off. If you do not care to save or keep most of the purchase charge that a purchaser will pay for your downloadable eBook products, then, this eBook article is sincerely NOT for you.

My Story

You see, there has been a time I use to dream about being able to robotically promote my personal eBooks free of charge. But back then, it changed into just a dream, a desire, a fantasy. I had many eBooks to sell, however was discouraged via the quantity of labor I discovered changed into necessary in order to make that manifest.

PayPal, the maximum depended on payment gadget, alas, would not provide a easy way for its customers/merchants to sell eBooks (or any downloadable document for that rely). And being the extremely busy individual that I am, I gave up trying to parent out a way to do it by myself. I nonetheless become capable of promote my eBooks on-line, however I had no desire however to achieve this manually, which become painstakingly time consuming.

To offer my customers with the INSTANT eBook down load that I had promised them on my “Buy Now” web page, I had to stay glued to the laptop and watch for new orders. When the brand new eBook orders arrived, I had to quickly electronic mail each purchaser their product one by one. This turned into unimaginably bulky, as I’m certain you can already believe.

After months of doing this, I found out if I am to preserve selling ebooks on line, I become going to need to figure out some thing distinctive, efficient and make it loose. I just honestly could not retain to manually e mail my clients their eBook merchandise anymore considering that sales have been swiftly growing and it would have been a gargantuan undertaking for one character.

I had no preference but to suppose very tough about this. I dug deep into my pro information of programming and decided to write my personal eBook selling PHP utility. It took some weeks to design, write and end the code for it but while it become finished, it became indeed a component of splendor. It labored perfectly. It changed into capable of seamlessly sell my eBooks for me without requiring that I stayed glued to the computer.

How the PHP application Works

After each payment is confirmed with PayPal, the PHP software I wrote does three very critical matters:

1. It verifies that a customer has made a payment – verifies Payment is successful.

2. After payment verification, it routinely makes the eBook product that the customer paid for available for the patron to download right away after price (inside 10 seconds).

Three. In addition to the above, this program sends me an informational e-mail approximately the eBook order so that I’m aware of every eBook transaction initiated with the aid of customers and in order that I even have a file of them all.

The data I get after every new eBook order are:

(a). Customer’s Full Name

(b). Customer’s Email Address

(c). Name of product that was purchased through client

(d). Receipt variety of the product (if PayPal offers one)

(e). Date and Time of Day that the Product become Purchased

This is all of the information any merchant could want to know about his or her eBook products for future references.

The Purpose

Like you, all I need to do is promote eBooks. I hate complexities. I hate third celebration shenanigans and I hate having to pay someone else month-to-month fees or allowing them to take a percent of every sale that I make with my eBooks. I hate all of it and this application took care of those concerns for me.

If you DO NOT want to pay reoccurring prices for some outdoor website to promote your eBook merchandise for you, then, writing your own code, or getting a PHP programmer to write a code for you, for one flat price, is the way to move.

It would not be counted if you have 1 or three hundred eBook products to sell. With that one PHP code, after to procure it, you can promote an infinite amount of eBook merchandise and NEVER have to worry approximately another additional bills…EVER!

For an automatic code to be able to sell your ebook products for you without you desiring to pay any re-happening monthly prices in any respect, visit the web page under: