Zenox Ceramic Engine Oil Additive 375ml

Anti-wear engine oil additive - ceramic technology


ZENOX® is the latest generation engine oil additive. This product in general outperforms all existing products. 

 ZENOX® technology is a synergy of two components: 

  1.  The micro-ceramic particles are very powerful solid lubricants that decrease the coefficient of friction and resist the highest temperatures. 
  2.  The micro-ceramic particles are dispersed in very specific synthetic oil. 

 Together they form an extremely resistant protective film that substantially reduces wear and frictions.


  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Lowers engine noise
  • Enhances viscosity at extreme temperatures
  • Reinforces film of oil
  • Higher engine power output
  • Protects from cold start
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Less oil consumption
  • Improves oil adhesion


ZENOX® is recommended for all modern engines (gasoline & diesel), equipped with the latest technologies such as : direct injection, common rail, turbo charged, catalysts. Can also be used in older engines. Designed for cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats as well as industrial engines. Goes with all kinds of engine oils.


To be added at each oil change. Suits for 3 to 6 litres of oil. For larger quantities, add 8% of ZENOX® . Do not use during the break-in period of a new engine




We reserve the right to modify the characteristics of our products in order to offer our customers the latest technical evolutions.

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