Wx2 X-Cleaner Injection Petrol 1L

Marly Wx2 X-Cleaner Injection Petrol 1L


Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol is a high performance cleaning treatment for direct and indirect petrol injection systems. The current injection systems operate a very high pressures (100kg/cm²) and frequencies, making them particularly vulnerable for wear and fouling.

Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol is a powerful cleaning agent that will clean the entire fuel system (high pressure pump, injector needle, valves…)  in a safe and efficient way, without disassembling.  The Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol treatment is especially adapted to direct and indirect injection systems, and to exhaust gas after treatment devices (catalytic convertors).

Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol treatment is recommended once a year or every 30.000km.



  •  The most efficient formula on the market
  •  Prevents oxydation
  •  Specially adapted to direct injection systems
  •  Cleans and lubricates injectors, high pressure pump, valves, pistons and piston rings
  •  Reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust gasses (CO2, NOx, CO, HC )
  •  Optimizes the engine output
  •  Restores spray pattern and injection phases
  •  Extends the life of the catalytic converter 

Spray pattern: 

A fine and homogeneous spray pattern is a key parameter to obtain an optimal combustion. The nozzle spray holes have a diameter of approx. 50 micron so that slightest deposit, may affect the spray pattern.  Most recent gasoline engines are equipped with direct injection systems. The proper operation of such an engine relies on the tridimensional precision of the spray pattern, in order to obtain a stratified combustion. Moreover the injector is located inside the combustion chamber, which makes it even more likely to fouling.
Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol will assure an efficient cleaning of the injector needle and nozzle, optimizing the spray pattern.

Injection phases : 

Direct petrol injections work with 2 phases per engine cycle : a pre-injection and a main injection.

Pre-injection :    

The pre-injection allows to absorb a part of the heat in the combustion chamber, which optimizes the engine output. A failure of the pre-injection will immediately result in a power loss and an increase in fuel consumption.
Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol will restore the cleanliness of the injector nozzle, and the injection phases.

The valves : 

The evolution in order to improve the filling rate of modern engines (variable valve lift and timing) allowed to increase the performances and reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gasses. The shape and quality of the airflow is as important as the quality of the ignition and spray pattern. Due to the use of exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR), every flaw in the combustion cycle will be induce the fouling of the intake system and valves. It is essential to avoid the fouling of the intake system to maintain a perfect airflow.
Wx² X-Cleaner Petrol will assure a perfect combustion, avoiding deposits in the intake system and will clean intake valves on indirect injection systems.


How to Use :

Ad 1 liter of  Wx² X-Cleaner to the fuel, before or after filling. Drive normally and regularly over 3000rpm.
A dose of 1 liter is suitable for fuel tanks up to 70 liter.