Wx2 X-Cleaner Injection Diesel 1L

Wx2 X-Cleaner Injection Diesel 1L


Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel is a high performance cleaning treatment for high pressure diesel injection systems. (common-rail). The current injection systems operate at very high pressures (2000kg/cm²) and frequencies, making them particularly vulnerable for wear and fouling.

Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel is a powerful cleaning agent that will clean the entire fuel system (high pressure pump, suction control valve, injector needle…) in a safe and efficient way, without disassembling.
Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel treatment is especially adapted to high pressure systems (classic, piezo, HDi,DCi…) and to exhaust gas after treatment devices (catalytic convertors, particulate filters )

Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel treatment is recommended once a year or every 30.000km.

Why use the Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel:

In order to meet the demands on both levels, performance and emissions standards (Euro), modern diesel injection systems became extremely accurate and complex 
While the constraints forced upon injection systems are increasing, the anti-pollution systems become less tolerant. A regular cleaning and maintenance of the injection system has become essential to conserve an optimal engine operation.

Advantages :

  • Cleans and lubricates the injectors, high pressure pump, suction control valve, piston and piston rings
  • Reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust gasses (CO2, NOx, CO, HC and particles)
  • Solves diesel knocking issues (cold and hot engine)

Spray pattern:

A fine and homogeneous spray pattern is a key parameter to obtain an optimal combustion. The nozzle spray holes have a diameter of approx. 60 to 200 micron so that slightest deposit, may affect the spray pattern resulting in soot formation.   The configuration of a modern diesel engine is such that the soot will progressively clog the particulate filter, the turbo (variable geometry) and the intake system (EGR).
Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel will efficiently clean the injector spray holes in order to restore an optimal spray pattern.

The injection phases:

The fuel injection is composed of different phases ; pre-injection, main injection and post-injection.
All these different phases have a precise purpose such as noise reduction (pre-injection), performance (main-injection) an particulate filter regeneration (post-injection).

Restoring the phases :

The pre and post injection phases are so small the slightest fouling will reduce them to zero, causing a noisy engine (dieselknock) and preventing the particulate filter to regenerate.

How to use :

Ad 1 liter of  Wx² - X Cleaner Diesel to the fuel, before or after filling. Drive normally and regularly over 3000rpm. 
A dose of 1 liter is suitable for fuel tanks up to 70 liter.

Wx² X-Cleaner Diesel treatment is recommended once a year or every 30.000km.