Graphite containing fuel additive for LPG engine.


MARLY C is a superlubricant containing graphite for the additivation of gasoline, diesel and LPG, preventing the formation of carbon deposit.


MARLY C cleans and lubricates the upper part of combustion chambers that are not lubricated by motor oil, like:

  • Cylinder walls
  • pistons – piston rings
  • Valves and valve seats
  • Injection pump - carburettor


Use of unleaded gasoline can lead to valve seat wear and valve recession. Colloidal graphite contained in MARLY C replaces lead particles by forming a very resistant film on valves, valve seats and guides. MARLY C decreases wear of moving parts significantly.
Furthermore, because MARLY C contains anti-deposit additive, it keeps combustion chambers clean.


MARLY C is recommended for all types off engines: gasoline (carburettor, injection, turbo …) with or without catalyst, diesel (in direct injection, direct injection, in line pumps and distributor pumps,turbo diesel and LPG.


  • 50 ml for 20 L of fuel
  • Running in or first use: double the ratio


  • 1 L

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