Polish and Wax Super Ball Kit

Kit polish & wax for car body: contains 1 Super-Ball©, 1 Waxing Polish 250ml & 1 microfiber cloth

Polishes large, flat, convex or concave surfaces in a few minutes.

The Ultimate Polishing & Waxing accessory


Contains :

1 Super Ball
250 ml Waxing Polish
1 microfiber towel

Super Ball enables to polish all types of surfaces (painted, chrome, coated aluminium) quickly and easily. The specific design and the ultra strong foam makes the most complex surface easy to wax or polish.
Attach Super Ball to a variable speed drill, apply the Waxing Polish and obtain a professional ‘showroom’ result in minutes.
Ultra strong and reversible for an extra-long life.


Do not wax or polish a vehicle in direct sunlight.
Use safety goggles.
To much pressure or excessive speed can damage Super Ball.
Regularly apply Waxing Polish while using Super Ball.
Using Super Ball dry can cause damage.

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