Headlight Renewer Kit

Kit headlight renovator: contains 1 Super Ball©, 1 Step1 abrasive 250ml, 1 Step2 wax 250ml & 1 microfiber
Kit description

2 Step system / Renovator + Finish & Protection
Renews yellowed, lightly scratched, cloudy headlights.



1 S-Ball
250 ml Step 1 Renovator
250 ml Step 2 Finish & Protection
1 micrfofiber towel
Environmental factors like sunlight, rain, salt, chemicals degrade your lenses and make them cloudy. This degradation not only reduces your ability to see at night, but also can make your vehicle not passing the M.O.T.
Headlight Renewer restores up to 80% of the clarity.
Headlight Renewer is easy and safe to use, thanks to the 2 step system and the « S-Ball ».
S-Ball is very resistant and reversible to last twice as long.
Headlight Renewer is suitable for all non coated plastics.


The severe damage, scratches or pitting will not completely be removed.
Some irregularities, or oxidation can be in the inside of the headlight.
Too much pressure or excessive speed can damage Mini Ball.
Regularly apply Step 1 & 2 while using Mini Ball.
Using S-Ball dry can cause damage.