July 5, 2022


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Are Robot Vacuums Worth Buying?

What are the pros and cons of robot vacuums?
• Reduced noise
• Increased efficiency
• Low battery consumption
• Cheaper maintenance cost
• Full cleaning range
• Easy cleanup
• Cleaner floor

• Extra batteries required
• Not suitable for carpets and low-pile carpets
• Manual or remote control not included
• No user control in case of problems

What are the types of robot vacuums?
There are many types of robot vacuum cleaners in the market. Some of the most common types are handheld, canister, stick and automated. For instance, some robot vacuums use mechanical power and other rely on a smart electronic technology. It’s very important that you pay attention to the exact needs and use of the type you purchase.

Viomi V3 Max
Viomi V3 Max Robotic Vacuum is an advanced cleaning machine with all the features we’ve come to love from these next-generation robots while offering a more impressive cleaning performance than most. This robot can easily handle hardwood and tile and does remarkably well on low- or medium-pile carpets. It has many great features that make it super useful in a variety of home situations. These include automatic carpet boost, multi-level mapping, and an extra-large water reservoir. And its smart LIDAR navigation and patented algorithm allowed it to clean more quickly and efficiently than others.

The Viomi V3 Max is a solid choice if you are concerned about the environmental impact that vacuuming generates. Its clever design and smart features make it the best vacuum on the market.

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