July 5, 2022


Technology is best when it brings people together

How it works and start?

How it works?

  1. Talented people all over NZ (thousands of them!) make items and gift ideas and list them on the market on Felt
  2. Thoughtful and discerning shoppers (cough you) buy over the internet direct from the maker all the way through Felt
  3. Everyone wins and the environment becomes a bit better!
    The Felt platform supports people to showcase and sell their wares for a good price, and everything that you see on Felt has been listed by the individual (or people) who managed to get. You buy straight from their website, through Felt.

Business for good

We certainly are a social business, which means that we trade as being a regular business, but we conduct it to make the world a better place.
Our main regions of impact are:

  1. Supporting the livelihoods of regional creative people
  2. Local economies movement
  3. Sustainable production and consumption
  4. Get in contact if you’d like to learn about this!

Why shop local?

Every dollar spent with an area business goes around 2.6 times beyond the same dollar spent in big shops*. That is MASSIVE when it comes to doing good stuff for communities and the NZ economy. Felt as well encourages all makers to work with ethical and sustainable resources in their things, and actively promotes very high-quality and ethical things.

How did Felt begin?

Felt was founded found in 2007 by Lucy Arnold, after successfully advertising handmade merino armwarmers online while a hobby. Lucy is a graphic creator by job with a passion for cottage market and creative thinking. Unhappy with the idea of funds going offshore for no real reason, Sensed was founded around the perspective of a society which makes and sells because of its own good.