July 5, 2022


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The Cosmic Fire Pan: A Review of the Product

The non-stick pans or cast-iron pans on the market now are either not truly non-stick, or with harmful material like PFOA and PTFE, or can be easily deformed under high temperature, not long-lasting at all. As the first pan featured with Graphene coating, Cosmic Fire pan is able to change all the situations above.

The Problem
Graphene, much like any material, tends to expand in some areas and contract in other areas, but this problem is solved by wrapping the graphene with natural resin. This way, the graphene remains flexible in all areas, while the graphene remains very heat resistant. The patented material that the pan is made out of is also a very popular material that is used in the military, and other industries. The Solution The manufacturers claim that the non-stick ability of the pan is due to the combination of graphene and resin, which is a very unique and possibly state-of-the-art material. One of the main manufacturers of Graphene and non-stick, Dacor has recently developed and produced a new quality cast iron pan that is completely Graphene and Non-stick.

The Solution
Each one of us suffer in the battle with our pots: the non-stick cooking pans are so cheap but all the materials used are questionable. Think about how many times your cookware will need to be thrown out due to the wrong mixture. No one wants to get the flimsy metal containers used in the microwave, no one wants to wear a bulky polystyrene plate or have a plate that are smudged even when cooked. Cosmic Fire Pan is actually affordable but offers amazing results, it is both environmentally safe and non-stick, You will be amazed by how easy it is to cook your food, your food will come out juicy and flavorful as opposed to your old-school pots.

A New Product For Your Home
Graphene is considered as an extra layer in the pan, and after 30 minutes, it becomes almost hard to be lifted. This makes the pan so much easier to handle, also having a special anti-corrosion layer to the non-stick layer and stainless steel inside, you can be sure you are now the happiest consumer when it comes to kitchen items. Safe, as well as Valuable In a panel interview with Graphene Technologies, Craig Deacon also told us that we shouldn’t let our kids around when using non-stick pans, as the chemical level is higher in there and not only can it easily burn the skin, but also be toxic. The Graphene coating made Graphene Technology a huge success, a lot of cooking pans like the Giant 1.5L Glass Cooking Pot have already been created that feature the material.

These are just some of the differences between Graphene non-stick and other non-stick pan. You can now trust the words of our Chef Matthew of Cosmic Fire pan. It will not leave any smoky taste when you prepare meat, and that it’s exceptionally non-stick. You can now check out our big collection of other kitchen products, and buy any product from here to experience the marvelous performance of the product.