July 5, 2022


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The Top 3 Uses for High Purity Alumina

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Water Treatment

As a polluted water treatment agent, alumina has an adsorption effect. It is mainly used for the removal of organic substances, nitrates and heavy metals from polluted waters such as sewage, mining waste water and industrial wastewater. Alumina can easily capture organic substances such as methylene blue by adsorption.


High purity alumina is one of the most popular materials used in pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical alumina is used in tablets, capsules, and oral liquids. Alumina provides a perfect environment for pharmaceutical ingredients because it is not reactive and has a neutral pH. Alumina’s chemical properties make it an excellent choice to use as a filler in pharmaceuticals. Filler can be used to reduce manufacturing costs, increase tablet weight and improve tablet dissolution time.

Food Processing

One of the top uses for high purity alumina is in food processing. It has been used to create food additives and colorants and even fillers. High purity alumina can be used to produce potassium aluminum sulfate, which is often used to make food additives like Epsom salt and baking powder. High purity alumina also has a wide range of applications in the food industry. It can be added as a filler or colorant in sugar, salt, coffee beans, spices, seasonings, and cocoa powders. The bright white color of high purity alumina powder makes it an ideal additive for products that need to have a clean white appearance such as cake mixes or whipped cream.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry requires a large amount of alumina for the drilling process. The alumina powder is used as a flow agent in the drilling fluid, which causes the mud to form an elastic gel. These gels help reduce friction between metal surfaces in the drilling process.


Alumina is one of the most versatile substances in the world. And as a result, it has many different uses. But before you can use alumina, you need to know what it is. Alumina is a white, brittle metal. It’s a very hard substance, with a melting point of 3,912 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have a basic understanding of what alumina is, it’s time to decide how you can use it in your life. Below are three of the most common uses for high purity alumina: -Water Treatment: Alumina can be used to purify drinking water. When mixed with other substances, it can create an effective filter. -Pharmaceuticals: Alumina is an essential ingredient in many pharmaceutical products and medications. -Oil and Gas Industry: Alumina can be used to improve oil and gas drilling, extraction and production. Use this information wisely and take advantage of the many benefits high purity alumina has to offer.